I’m in love

7 02 2009

I’m in love.

When I realized that I needed to cut gluten out of my diet, one of the first things I did was purchase The Gluten Free Bible, something I suggest everyone who has issues with gluten buy.  If money is tight, check out ebay.  Anyway, in my readings (in what I’m pretty sure was either my bible or Living Without magazine), it was mentioned that one of the executive chefs at Whole Foods is a celiac, and has dedicated his life now to making delcious GF items at Whole Foods.  Tonight, I decided to see if the hype was worth it.

I repeat.  I’m in love.

Whole Food’s GF chocolate chip cookies taste like the real thing. it’s a miracle.  they actually taste like the yummy just baked in my oven variety that i miss so much.  and even tastier when washed down with a glass of vanilla Rice Dream.  all this, and they won’t make me sick* either!!!  check them out in the freezer section among other goodies like sundried tomato and garlic bread, or almond biscotti.   all developed by this chef, and all GF.  I want to kiss this man, or at least his feet!   get thee buns to the Whole Foods nearest you and indulge!  especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner!

For more information, check out Whole Foods Gluten-Free Bakehouse.

* So I got glutened for the first time since eliminating it from my diet this week and experienced gluten hell for the first time.  I suspected I had a problem with gluten for years, but it was only until recently that I cut it out.  and I hadn’t eaten a single bite of anything with gluten in it. Until I made that mistake the other morning.  Any lingering doubts I had about having a problem were erased by my 4th trip to the bathroom, and any lingering doubts my boyfriend or parents might have had were erased by my 40th trip to the bathroom.  holy shit!  (pun totally intended)  talk about keeping me honest!  most diets you know you shouldn’t cheat, but you still do. this time, i realized that if i cheat, i’m going to have to buy stock in the makers of Immodium!