Bacon Vodka!!!

20 03 2010

So the experiment is over. and the results are in.  as one of my friends would say, “pretty not bad.”

What you need:

1) Vodka (I used a fairly cheap brand, and I think that was mistake #1.  I should have sprung up for a better quality brand so that the taste was crisper.  either that, or filtered it before using it)

2) one giant glass bottle

3) paper towels (I use Viva brand which are amazing for stuff like this)

4) coffee filters

5) a funnel

6) good

fatty bacon (I went to Whole Foods and got our favorite thick slab stuff)

7) Cheesecloth

What you need to do..

First, cook up the bacon.  and try not to eat half of it when cooking, although a little bit of sampl

ing is allowed.  and trust me, this is much harder said than done.  it killed me not to eat the entire batch of bacon.  Next, pour all the grease and bacon into the glass jar.  Freeze overnight at a minimum (we just did it overnight, and i think if we had let it infuse for longer, the flavor would h

ave been better).  The next morning, you’ll find that the grease has separated and frozen into chunks.  WARNING: it’s probably one of the most disgusting things ever, and this was excellent for me to see while

trying to fit into my wedding dress since it’s now discouraged me from eating any more bacon until after august 7!

Take the contents and pour over a bowl covered with the cheesecloth.  This will filter out the majority of the big hunks of frozen fat and bacon.  Throw all that crap out.

I then set up a filter lined with a paper towel to filter the first batch of the vodka.  This succeeded in filtering out a ton of fat, and was also disgusting to look at.

Once I had filtered (in batches) that round, I repeated the process using a coffee filter to remove the rest of the fat.  The fiance and I are debating whether this is essential or not, but I think it was since theresulting product is this great golden color and smells amazing.

After that, pour back into original vodka bottle and drink with your favorite bloody mary!