La Fe corn tortillas

19 02 2009

If you’re looking for 100% corn tortillas, I suggest trying La Fe’s Arepa Amarillas. The only ingredients are corn, water and salt, and they pack only a mere 80 calories, 0 fat, and 2g of fiber per tortilla.

Corn tortillas

4 02 2009

i love mexican food.  i mean, i love it so much that taco bell was my “last supper” before i started this whole ordeal.  and tortillas have always been a staple in my fridge.  unfortunately, most of them are gluten, gluten, gluten.  so last night, much to my delight, i found corn tortillas in the supermarket that were made out of nothing but corn, salt, and water.  thrown on the gas burner to blacken a little bit, they were delicious.  they were especially delicious when topped with salsa, a little bit of leftover chicken, and some pancetta that we had made.  of course, while they were cheaper to buy than some of the normal flour tortillas, they still weren’t cheap.  this lead me to wondering about how to make my own.  thanks to a link i saw on a facebook group for gluten-free recipes, i found this video on youtube:

a little research also lead to this recipe (CLICK).  i plan on trying this over the upcoming weekend, but before i do…

anyone else have some suggestions or recipes they have perfected?