Heather’s Liquid Caramel Apple

2 10 2010


1 c. apple cider
1 c. diet ginger ale
as much Black Seal Rum as you can handle.  (disclaimer: in my case, this is a lot.  but this is where the caramel flavor comes from)

Drink up and don’t drive.

Vegan – Day 1

21 09 2010

So the Healthfuls survived our first day of being vegan. And it wasn’t that tough!

I can’t speak for my husband, but I started off my day with a bowl of strawberries, with leftover “meatloaf” for a mid morning snack, a veggie burger with extra veggies and guac for a mid afternoon snack, and some salsa (see recent post) and chips for dinner and a nibble of a few things.

It wasn’t hard at all.


I’m not sure what we’re having tonight, but prob tomato salad and some fresh kale is my thought. I’ll post recipes soon!


20 09 2010

so there’s been lots of changes lately in my life.  for starter’s healthful heather is now mrs. healthful heather.  yup, i done and got myself hitched this summer. and mr. healthful is a dreamboat.  second, we’ve decided to go vegan.

yup, that’s right.  my carniverous family and i are going vegan.   the reason being the amazing effect on health, and heart health in particular, since mr. healthful has some ticker issues.  and i am trying to get myself as healthy as possible before we have baby healthful.  don’t get your kitchen aprons worked up in a knot though, i have nothing cooking in my oven yet except for some vegan meatloaf.  but we want a kiddo in the pretty near future, and i want to get myself as healthy as possible first.  also, i finally faced facts about how animals are treated before turning into dinner, and that alone made my stop my desire to eat carcass.  so yea, we’re vegan now.

also, i have been lucky enough to have a hubzo who cooks a ton, which is made for zero blog entries.  but, now that we’re going vegan, and i have all sorts of new fun toys from my wedding gifts to play with in the kitchen, i’m starting to cook again, and will be starting to update my blog again.  yay!

Calling all celiacs!

22 04 2010

For those who missed it, King Arthur recently announced the launch of their new gluten-free flour. Healthful Heather here wants to know- have you tried it? Does it live up to the hype? Does it make a mean cake? Give us your feedback and what recipe you tried it with, and your recipe will be featured in an upcoming post!

Barefoot Contessa

10 04 2010

I’ve always loved the Barefoot Contessa and her recipes.  Even when her show annoys me, she still has a place in my heart. Recently, in my quest to save money and go to the library and not B&N, I checked out her party cookbook so I could peruse the recipes before purchasing on ebay.  wow.  this is a must have.

so mostly, this post is a shout out to the contessa.  and also a warning to my readers that the next few recipes i’m going to post are going to be inspired by her…