About Heather


I‘m just your average Bostonian very late twentysomething girl. Sure, everyone talks about health, and getting healthy, and wanting to be healthy, but it wasn’t until several bouts of being anything but healthy that I started to research “alternative,” “holistic,” and “natural” cures for all that ailed me.  My research is what lead to my decision to embrace a new life-style; a new vegan, high fructose corn syrup-free, no processed foods, low-fat, all natural, crunchy, hippy-dippy-trippy lifestyle.

n4602706_30631360_77622As such, this website is, and will continue to be, a work in progress.  It is a place to record my triumphs and tribulations in my tiny kitchen, as well as the recipes that keep said tiny kitchen gourmet and allow me to survive this way of life without killing everyone that stands between me and my favorite frosted coconut chocolate cupcakes.  I’ve tried gluten-free, I’ve tried high protein, I’ve tried high-carb, but it wasn’t until recently that I feel like I found the right fit for me and for my health.  So, there are a variety of recipes on here.  Not all of them are vegan, not all are celiac, but all are healthy and delicious!

It is also meant to be a resource for everyone  the person just browsing for new healthful and delicious recipes to my friends and family who are trying to figure out what the hell to feed me when I come for a visit!

I welcome any and all feedback!!


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