Vegan: week 1

26 09 2010

So the elder Healthfuls, my parents, came up to visit us this weekend in Boston and they were shocked at how we look after just one week of being vegan. I’m down 6lbs, my husband is down 10lbs, and my mom said that I’m absolutely glowing. She said that my skin is just radiating, that I look younger, and that my face is thinner and I look the healthiest I’ve looked in a long, long time- and that is not due to being down 6lbs mind you- I’m still 20lbs overweight. It’s the glow. Even my knee pain is gone. My husband is shrinking so fast his shorts fell down to his ankles. Twice.

So, I can honestly say that I’m thrilled and that it’s been the easiest week for me ever. And…that i’ve found a way of life that suits me. Yay!



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