20 09 2010

so there’s been lots of changes lately in my life.  for starter’s healthful heather is now mrs. healthful heather.  yup, i done and got myself hitched this summer. and mr. healthful is a dreamboat.  second, we’ve decided to go vegan.

yup, that’s right.  my carniverous family and i are going vegan.   the reason being the amazing effect on health, and heart health in particular, since mr. healthful has some ticker issues.  and i am trying to get myself as healthy as possible before we have baby healthful.  don’t get your kitchen aprons worked up in a knot though, i have nothing cooking in my oven yet except for some vegan meatloaf.  but we want a kiddo in the pretty near future, and i want to get myself as healthy as possible first.  also, i finally faced facts about how animals are treated before turning into dinner, and that alone made my stop my desire to eat carcass.  so yea, we’re vegan now.

also, i have been lucky enough to have a hubzo who cooks a ton, which is made for zero blog entries.  but, now that we’re going vegan, and i have all sorts of new fun toys from my wedding gifts to play with in the kitchen, i’m starting to cook again, and will be starting to update my blog again.  yay!



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