30 03 2010

This is just a note to say we have eaten the leftover slowcooker chicken for 2 meals, and each has been delicious! We took the leftovers and threw them in a pan with whatever spices were near at hand, and then cooked til extra crispy. We then served with a side of mixed veggies that were originally frozen in a big bag from market basket. So that’s 2 meals for 2 people, one chicken @ $7 and 1 bag of frozen veggies @ $1. An excellent budget cooking idea that is both healthy on the wallet and healthy for your body!

I also made stock out of the leftovers. Just the juice, the bones, some leftover mushrooms, and some herbs. Slowcooked for 6 hours on low. Wow! It smelled so good! I will now be using that broth in tonight’s recipe. Stay tuned..



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