Heather’s Homemade Chicken Stock

19 02 2009


1 cooked roasted chicken leftovers (including giblets from before cooking if available)
1-2 stalk celery & leaves*
1 onion, quartered *
1 carrot, in chunks*
1 garlic clove

2 tsp of whatever spices you have on hand.  I like Herbs from Provence and Penzy’s Fox Point Seasoning.
cold water
* I also just use whatever veggies are on hand.  Leeks, spinach, parsnips, turnips, shallots.


  1. After eating the cooked chickens for the original chicken dinners pick as much meat off the bones to use for leftovers as possible. (ie: chicken salad)
  2. Break the bones apart so that they’ll fit better into the crock pot if necessary.
  3. Put bones, skin, and fat from the chickens and the giblets, if available, into a 6qt crock pot.  (I don’t usually use the giblets.  gross!)
  4. Add vegetables of choice, and then add cold water until crock pot is full to 1 1/2 inches below the rim.
  5. Cook on high 4 hours and then on low for another 6-8 hours.
  6. Strain the stock through a colander or cheesecloth and chill to solidify the fat for easy removal. If I don’t have something to strain the broth through, I’ll often just put it straight in the freezer to separate the fat from the broth.  It also makes for easy removal of fat from the rest of the stock after frozen.  Just slice it off.
  7. Be sure that the water is COLD. I learned that cold water draws the flavor out of the bones and veggies while hot water seals it



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