My award-winning mashed potatoes…wait for it, wait for it…VEGANIZED!

28 11 2010

These potatoes are part of the reason my husband married me.  No, I didn’t make them on our first date, or the night he proposed.  But in the very beginning, when we were doing the whole flirt and dance show, he told me that he had just made mashed potatoes for the first time and i decided that i needed to one-up him and tell him that he would never be able to make potatoes better than mine.  thus started a very long-running joke between us about mashed potatoes.  this past week he finally got to eat the potatoes and he agreed that I win.

This recipe is- obviously- veganized.  If you don’t want to eat it vegan, then it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out how to make it full fat again.

8-10 large yellow potatoes, peeled and chopped up
8 oz. tofutti sour cream
8 oz. tofutti cream cheese, softened
2 tbsp. earth balance “butter”
2 tbsp. garlic salt
1 tbsp. onion salt
4 tbsp. Penzy’s “Sunny Paris” seasoning (shallots, chives, green peppercorns, dill weed, basil, tarragon, chervil and bay leaf)
1 tsp. black pepper

Boil the taters in water, covered, until tender; drain,
Beat the sour cream, cream cheese, butter, garlic salt, onion salt, penzy’s seasoning, and pepper in a mixer bowl until smooth.  Add the hot potatoes gradually, beating until potatoes are fluffy after each addition.  (I use my kitchenaid for this). Beat until the potatoes are smooth and creamy.

Refrigerate the potatoes for 12 hours. (this step makes the potatoes THAT much better- trust me)

Preheat the oven to 350.
Spoon the potato mixture into a greased 2 quart baking dish.  (I use my handy dutch oven).
Bake at 350 for 1 1/4 hours.

Soup Some Action

22 10 2010

Mr. Healthful, aka Sauceman, aka Old James

mon chef d'oeuvre

here.  Heather is not feeling so healthful tonight, and is currently curled up on the couch in a ball hiding under a blanket, so it was my turn in the kitchen (and on the computer) tonight.

After heating up some leftover soup for Healthful Heather (TM), I peeped the scene in the fridgeemerator, deadset on using the pot that made her soup to make something else.   I saw some mushrooms but they was rotten.   However, I had already started heating up the olive oil in this a here little pan, so I had to press on like George Washington on that damn rowboat.

This is a tasty hearty spicy cool soup that I improvised tonight.  Thus, I present this recipe in real-time perspective, as best I can remember it:

Yields about 3 cups.

Heat up a little olive oil in a SAUCE PAN

Add 2 chopped shallot bulbs and a couple chips of fresh ginger

Saute it, don’t spray it for about 5 mins.

Add 1 to 2 cups cold water directly to this hotness! and let ‘er sit over low heat.

Chop up 4 golf ball sized heirloom tomatoes (this is what I had at hand, I’m sure you could use 2 or 3 plum tomaters and get similarly exquisite results) and add them to your soup

Add 2 teaspoons Penzey’s (thanks for the royalties!) Singapore Seasoning Mix

Simmer this stuff for about 10 minutes, add a little kosher salt, and some gentile pepper.    Add some of the beer you’ve been drinking.   Sprinkle in some granulated garlic.  Add 2 quartered cloves of garlic.

Add 2 tableSPOONs of Whole Foods Creamy Peanut Butter   –  you know,  the 365 Days A Year Store Brand But My Newton Bookgroup Won’t Judge Me If They Look In My Cupboard While I’m In The Bathroom type !!!!!!

Stir it up, lil darlin, stir it up.    Keep it just about between simmer and rolling boil.

Slice a lil serrano pepper.  Dice it up to prevent extra hot spoonfuls, or partition it into bigger pieces if that’s what you’re after.

Stir intermittently for another 10 minutes.

Add another 2 tbsps of the Suburban Spoonful.

(Optional step / ingredient:  chopped grilled sausage or saulternative….)

Keep stirring for about 5 minutes to make sure all P-to-the-B is integrated and commingled.

NOW PAY ATTENTION to this here part:  turn the heat off.     Cover the pan with a lid or with a glass pyrex bowl and let the soup sit for 32 minutes.

I made a bet with Leacho that it’ll taste even bettah tomorrow after it’s been sitting in the fridge.   That’s the Oklahoma Oilman lock of the week, if you ask me.

Mushroom Potato Soup

19 10 2010

3 pounds yellow potatoes, peeled, and cut into chunks
3/4 lb. shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, chopped up
3 tbsp. olive oil
1 large sweet onion, diced
8 cloves of garlic
1 shallot, diced
1 tsp. kosher salt
1 tsp. black pepper
3-4 c. flavorful veggie broth (see my recipe for veggie stock or use a cube)
2 tbsp. fresh tarragon

Place taters in a large dutch oven, cover with cold water, and bring to a boil.  Let simmer for 20 minutes or until tender before removing from heat, draining and setting aside.

Rinse out the pot, and then saute onion, garlic, mushrooms, shallots, salt, pepper and until translucent.  Add the herbs. Add the taters, heat, and then remove from heat and let cool 10 minutes.  Puree 3/4 of the soup in a food processor (be careful with the steam!!) and then enjoy!

(this may need additional seasoning depending on how flavorful your broth is and the herbs you’re using.)


Simple Veggie Stock

18 10 2010

This is a super super easy recipe that is easily adapted depending on what veggies you have on hand.  It’s particularly useful when you have veggies that are starting to go bad, or are a little soggy.  But here’s the basic recipe.  Feel free to add or substitute on your own.

6 stalks of celery, ends discarded, cut into 3/4″ pieces
6 carrots, chopped up
1 onion, cut up
6 garlic cloves, diced
1 handful of dill
1 potato, cut up
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tbsp. pepper
1/2 c. green onions

Fill crockpot with enough water until it’s about 3/4 of the way full.  Add all ingredients.  Cook on high for 4 hours.  When done cooking, strain and either use immediately or freeze for up to 2 months.

Easy peasy

Fall Applesauce

18 10 2010

The farmer’s markets and local farm stands in New England are overflowing with apples right now, so what better way to eat them, then applesauce?  This is a very easy, very basic recipe that is good hot or cold.

4 medium apples (whatever variety you love)
1 cup of water
1/3 c. brown sugar
1 tbsp. cinnamon
1 tbsp. ginger

Core and slice apples and combine in a dutch oven with the water, cinnamon, ginger, and brown sugar.  Cover and cook for around 15 min, careful not to burn.  Let the sauce cool, and then mash to your desired consistency.